A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

No Yikes With These Stripes!

Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on March 6, 2008

Event picture, decor and product by Event Rents!


Front And Center!

Posted in Centerpiece Ideas, Table Decor by Jaime on February 17, 2008

Ok, so maybe this is a little elaborate if you’re on a tight budget, but you could probably work this into a smaller version, or maybe get inspired by the look! 

I love how they used the wrought iron…

Then picture the tablecloth either in ivory/white or black…with burgundy napkins if your hall offers them.  Aaahh.  And of course, a little bit of candlelight!

Not into spending thousands on flowers?  Why not try:

Beads, feathers, colored glass balls, filler, wine corks, candles, candles and more candles, greenery, tree branches, or ribbons…

The list goes on and on…check out your local craft store, take your color scheme, and get inspiration from different products. 

Keep an open mind…not everything has to be done with flowers!

Picture found at: www.sensationalbrides.com!


Damask Your Day!

Posted in Centerpiece Ideas, Reception Decor, Table Decor by Jaime on February 8, 2008

I truly love the look of the damask pattern used at weddings!  Now picture this with burgundy and ivory colors against the black…make it your own – nobody said it has to be the same, with damask you can get very creative! 

And another fabulous black & white event…

Photography by: www.jessicaclaire.net!

The Little Touches…

Posted in Table Decor by Jaime on February 7, 2008

Little things can make a huge impact when it comes to decorating for your wedding day. 

Planning on having a head table?  Why not drape 3 table runners in burgundy or black over the table in sections?  Just that little punch of color can really add a dramatic effect!

Pull off a similar look with your guest tables!

First picture found from knottie bio of : Wes & Tanya’s Wedding.

Second & third picture found at: www.theknot.com.