A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

What Vine Colors You’ve Chosen!

Posted in Food & Beverage, Placecard holder ideas by Jaime on February 18, 2008

Red Or White, Darling?

So you’re planning a burgundy and ivory wedding?  Why not serve red and white wine at your tables, and maybe even incorporate the wine theme into your wedding if you like it? 

You could fill vases or containers with wine corks, or use wine corks as your placecard holders (if you like that idea, I’ve saved up quite the collection of wine corks over the past few years!!!)

This wine theme could come in handy for saving you money on liquor costs too…many people choose to cut down on costs by only serving wine and beer instead of a full bar!  You could also serve sparkling grape juice for guests who do not drink. 

Wine cork place card holder pictures found at: Simply Sparkling Events.