A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

Berry Sweet.

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I love this bouquet, not only because it’s unique, but because it’s so vintage yet so cool. 

They’re calling it an “heirloom bouquet”…call it what you will, this bouquet ROCKS!

“The muted burgundy tones of the cymbidium orchids integrated with deep brown chocolate cosmos are a throwback to Grandma’s silk flowers and broaches.

The fern curls add to the highly-stylized motives of the era, conjuring up the ever-popular music of swing bands while the silver-gilded leaves nod to the popularity of chrome in the mid-40s.

A finishing detail of soft feathers around the face of the bouquet calls to mind the flapper girls’ dresses but is made contemporary by the brightness of the magenta pink Kiko roses.” – www.yourweddingday.com

To see other fabulous “heirloom bouquets”, go to: Your Wedding Day.


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Janie over at The Bride’s Cafe just posted a lovely wedding featuring this bouquet.  Ooooh the beauty!!!!!

How do you spell Calla Lilies?  It’s easy!  “L-O-V-E-L-Y”!

Modern Black & Ivory…

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These pictures were found out of modern black & white inspiration from the blog Element Style.   What do you think?  Different, but beautiful.

Bouquets of Burgandy!

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Whether you’re going with silk or fresh flowers for your bouquets, it will be beautiful! Here are some bouquets to get you inspired. Remember that the bride’s bouquet is usually the most lavish and intricate, whereas bridesmaids bouquets are usually either smaller but compliment the bride’s. Trying to save money? Why not have your girls make a statement by carrying one long stem, or bunches of 3? Just ideas…hope you enjoy!

#1. Fresh bouquet with black magic roses and dark burgandy calla lilies!

#2. Silk bouquet with deep red velvet roses accented with red feathers!


#3. Deep burgandy dahlilas with long stems.

#4. Bouquet with dark red gerbera daisies.


#5. Black magic roses, cream mini calla lilies, and antique hydrangea.

#6. A bouquet with deep red peonies!


Images from: www.theknot.com!

Another Article About Silk vs Fresh Flowers…

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Silk vs. Fresh Flowers

Choosing between fresh and silk flowers for your bouquet and other wedding flowers depends on many factors as well as personal taste.

The decision whether to use real flowers or fake flowers at your wedding can involve many factors, from cost to smell to the type of flowers you’d like and if you would like to preserve them. There are pros and cons to going each route. This guide will help you decide if real or silk flowers are right for you and your wedding.

First off, let’s get rid of the notion that fake flowers are cheap. If you want good-looking silk flowers, you might end up paying as much or more for fake flowers than you would for real ones, depending on the types of flowers you’d like to use, the season and the supplier you work with. You can find absolutely stunning silk flowers theses days that people will have to touch or try to smell before they realize they aren’t real. But you’ll pay a lot of money for these.

I considered silk flowers for my wedding, but when we talked to a florist it was about the same price to get real flowers so I opted for those instead. My flowers were not expensive because I used wildflowers and very few expensive flowers like roses, calla lilies and others.

Why would people want to use fake flowers, then, if it’s not any less expensive? Perhaps you or someone in your family or in the wedding party is allergic to real flowers. You don’t exactly want the best man or the minister to be sneezing all through the ceremony or red-eyed in the pictures.

Or it could be impractical or too expensive to have real flowers. If you’re getting married in December in Alaska and you want roses, it would be much less expensive to have silk flowers than to have a bunch of flowers imported for your ceremony. If your ceremony is going to be in a remote location it will be easier to make stable floral arrangements from fake flowers than from real flowers, and they travel much better. Likewise if you’re getting married in the heat of summer and have no place to refrigerate the flowers before the ceremony, fake flowers may be your best option (since they don’t wilt).

Another consideration is preservation. If you want to keep your wedding flowers forever, the easiest way to do this is to have fake flowers. They’ll always look good and can be a treasured keepsake of your special day. Depending on the types of flowers you use, you can dry them or have them freeze-dried or otherwise preserved, but they usually won’t look as good and in some cases (especially with white flowers) will look downright unappealing. If preservation is not an issue for you, real flowers are fine.

Using real flowers lends an air of romance to your celebration. The colors, shapes and smells seem to let people know something special is going on. If you don’t have a huge budget for flowers, consider only getting flowers for the bride, a smaller bouquet (or none at all) for the bridesmaids and small boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. You don’t need altar flowers or flowers on all tables. You don’t need a special bouquet to toss (unless, again, you want to preserve your flowers, but you could always just not have a bouquet toss).

To save more money, buy flowers that are in season locally. Buying from a florist saves you time making bouquets and boutonnieres yourself, but it can be cheaper to buy directly from a grower. Visit your local farmers’ market as well as florists to get the best price. It’s easy to tie an informal bouquet with a wide piece of ribbon, and boutonnieres go together in a snap with a flower, a spring of greenery and some green florist tape wrapped around the stems. It might not be your idea of the best activity for the day before your wedding, but it can save you a lot of money if you’re watching your budget.

If you want flowers everywhere and don’t want to settle for just what’s in season, perhaps a combination of fresh and silk flowers will suit your needs. You could carry fresh flowers and have fresh flowers for the wedding party, but use different types of silk flowers in the altar arrangements, on the tables at the reception, at the ends of the pews and wherever else you’d like a splash of color.

When combining silks and fresh flowers, make sure you know what your fresh flowers are going to look like before you start choosing silks. You don’t want the colors to clash with each other, even if they won’t be that close together. Everything should look like it belongs together, even if the flowers come from very different places.

And if you really want to go all-out, have fresh flowers everywhere. Flowers are great for setting the mood for your event, from an informal garden party to a formal black-tie gala. The help of an experienced florist can make a world of difference in selecting the right flowers and the right amount of flowers to make your event perfect.

The bottom line when it comes to flowers, or anything else when it comes to your wedding, is that you need to do what will make you happy. What do you want to remember thirty years from now? If you don’t think you’ll care that there were flowers on every surface of the church and reception site, spend your budget elsewhere. Don’t blow your budget on flowers just because someone else in your family likes flowers. Very few people who attend your ceremony will remember what kinds of flowers you had, so do what makes you happy because you will remember.

Research is the key to getting what you want. Know what flowers are in season, what colors you want and what other preferences you have in terms of scent, height, etc., before you talk to a florist, and let them help you turn your vision into reality.

Source: Happy News.

The Truth About Silk vs Fresh Flowers…

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This article was found on www.theknot.com, a very helpful site for planning your wedding!  Just something to think about…

Q. I’m not sure whether to use real or silk flowers for my wedding. Can you give me an idea of the benefits of using silk?

A. Whether you chose silk or real flowers, you should weigh your options and make your choice based on your budget and what type of wedding you are having. Silk flowers do have the advantage of not wilting, which is something to consider if you are having a warm-weather wedding or if you are partial to very delicate flowers that tend to droop quickly. Likewise, they won’t freeze in cold weather. Silk flowers are very lightweight, making bouquets much easier to handle and to transport. They don’t need watering and are much more durable (no worrying about delicate blooms falling apart, sagging, or being stomped on by your flower girl!). And, silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real thing, without the drawback causing sneezing! Another plus — a silk bridal bouquet will retain it’s beauty and look just as gorgeous on your 25th anniversary as it did on your wedding day.

But keep in mind that while silk flowers can be more practical than real flowers, they can also be just as expensive, if not more so. Though you also won’t end up paying more for certain types of flowers that may be out of season when you get married — silk, in every shape and color is always in season — a silk version of a more common flower will likely be significantly more costly. Remember to ask for pricing up front.