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The Truth About Silk vs Fresh Flowers…

Posted in Flowers by Jaime on February 7, 2008

This article was found on www.theknot.com, a very helpful site for planning your wedding!  Just something to think about…

Q. I’m not sure whether to use real or silk flowers for my wedding. Can you give me an idea of the benefits of using silk?

A. Whether you chose silk or real flowers, you should weigh your options and make your choice based on your budget and what type of wedding you are having. Silk flowers do have the advantage of not wilting, which is something to consider if you are having a warm-weather wedding or if you are partial to very delicate flowers that tend to droop quickly. Likewise, they won’t freeze in cold weather. Silk flowers are very lightweight, making bouquets much easier to handle and to transport. They don’t need watering and are much more durable (no worrying about delicate blooms falling apart, sagging, or being stomped on by your flower girl!). And, silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real thing, without the drawback causing sneezing! Another plus — a silk bridal bouquet will retain it’s beauty and look just as gorgeous on your 25th anniversary as it did on your wedding day.

But keep in mind that while silk flowers can be more practical than real flowers, they can also be just as expensive, if not more so. Though you also won’t end up paying more for certain types of flowers that may be out of season when you get married — silk, in every shape and color is always in season — a silk version of a more common flower will likely be significantly more costly. Remember to ask for pricing up front.


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