A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

Some Style…

Posted in Fashion & Style by Jaime on February 7, 2008

If your bride is choosing bridesmaids, then she gets to enjoy choosing bridesmaid dresses as well!  The selection out there is huge.  So it can be overwhelming, but her best bet is to pick something that will look great on all her girls.  Many brides today are even letting them pick their own!  At David’s Bridal, for example, you can pick the color and fabric, and let your girls pick the style.  In the end though, it’s the bride’s pick…afterall, she is the bride! 

Here are a few fun styles to simply get inspired by…sexy sexy!

1. I love how this bride had her bridesmaids wear red, and her maids of honor wear black.  Switches it up a little! 

Picture from The Knot.

#2.  This bridesmaid dress is perfect for the black, ivory & burgundy wedding!  Even her bouquet is stunning.

Picture from: Simply Sparkling Events.

#3. This bride had her girls wear black strapless dresses, and had a seamstress make wraps for the dresses, which they then finished off with different broaches found from antique stores!

Picture from The Knot.

Not sure which shoes to have them wear?  Since many of us girls have different feet, the same shoe that fits one girl may not fit the other (some have wide feet, some have narrow…some have a high arch, some have a flat arch, etc.) the same way.  Why not have them pick their own shoes, as long as it’s all the same color?  Otherwise, you can have them dyed – many stores offer that option.


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