A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

Dramatic Effects…

Posted in Reception Decor by Jaime on February 7, 2008

On a budget but still want to add a little shaaazaaam to your wedding decor?  Why not try hanging paper lanterns?

These paper lanterns can be purchased as low as $2.95- $5.00 per lantern, and can be lit by Led Lights, which run for about $3.95 – $5.00.  So you figure you’ll spend about $6.00 – $10.00 per lantern…not a bad deal!  The led lights to put inside the lanterns are optional, of course.

Now where on earth can you find these lovely hanging paper lanterns?  Check out my favorite place to get them: www.lunabazaar.com!   Or, check your local craft store. 

Keep in mind that hanging them from the actual ceiling can be difficult.   

You might think about running a rope or string from one wall to another, to hang the lanterns from (like when people used to hang their laundry outside to dry). 

Ask either close family or your bridal party to help with set up, the day before if possible, otherwise, get there early!

Red paper lantern inspiration from: A Bride In The Making!


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