A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

Bouquets of Burgandy!

Posted in Flowers by Jaime on February 7, 2008

Whether you’re going with silk or fresh flowers for your bouquets, it will be beautiful! Here are some bouquets to get you inspired. Remember that the bride’s bouquet is usually the most lavish and intricate, whereas bridesmaids bouquets are usually either smaller but compliment the bride’s. Trying to save money? Why not have your girls make a statement by carrying one long stem, or bunches of 3? Just ideas…hope you enjoy!

#1. Fresh bouquet with black magic roses and dark burgandy calla lilies!

#2. Silk bouquet with deep red velvet roses accented with red feathers!


#3. Deep burgandy dahlilas with long stems.

#4. Bouquet with dark red gerbera daisies.


#5. Black magic roses, cream mini calla lilies, and antique hydrangea.

#6. A bouquet with deep red peonies!


Images from: www.theknot.com!


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