A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…


Posted in To The Bride & Groom by Jaime on February 2, 2008

Dear Gary and Julie,

We cannot explain how excited we are that you’re getting married!!!  So first things first, congratulations on your engagement!  We wish you both all the blessings, and a lifetime of happy memories.  I could go on, but we’ll save the good stuff for your wedding…ha ha. 

I’ve started this wedding blog for you only for inspiration…something you can look at ideas all in one spot.  You know I love planning weddings, and while I’m here to offer help if you need it, please know I enjoy obsessing…so you don’t have to!   I hope to bring you plenty of wedding “eye candy” to get inspired by, to dream about, and to make your own. 

Keep in mind these are only ideas…you may play around with the colors, themes, flowers, cakes, etc., to get the look you want.  Some things may look expensive or hard to create, however all it takes is a few crafty hands.  Tons of money can be saved by do-it-yourself projects (a.k.a DIY)!  Get familiar with your local craft store…it might become your best friend…ha ha. 

We love you both, and hope you enjoy your blog.  Let us know if we can help you with anything else!  Congratulations, and happy planning!!!


Jaime (& Steve too…)


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