A Black, Ivory & Red Wedding…

Luna Bazaar ~ Wedding Decor!

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Planning A Wedding Or Hosting A Party? I’ve Got Two Words For YouLuna Bazaar!

Luna Bazaar welcomes you to decor heaven with fabulous product in every color imaginable! 

They have a huge collection of gifts too. How sweet are these Kimono Silk Coin Purses, for only $3.00?!

Think “bridesmaid gift idea“!

This shop offers several diffferent design and color themes, along with plenty of ideas to inspire you.


You’ll find exactly what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining!

The best part? You get to save some money, honey! Not only do they offer beautiful product, but Luna Bazaar is also extremely affordable!

You’ll have to see for yourself!

Go to www.lunabazaar.com and get ready to party!


Coco Myles!

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Tired of trying to find the perfect combination of dresses to make all your bridesmaids happy? Let’s face it, as women, we come in all different shapes and sizes. And sometimes, trying to find dresses can be a task that’s both frustrating and tiring for both you and your girls!

How many times have you stood up in a wedding where you wish the bride would have chosen a dress that looked good on everyone, instead of the one that just looked “so cute” on little Miss Size Zero?

No offence Miss Size Zero…we’ve been there with you too. Yes, I’m sure many of us were once close to a size zero at one point, however we’re not 19 anymore. Gone are the days of dancing off calories until dawn every night, and running your butt off to serve tables.

We’re growing up, and growing curves. And these womanly curves need to scream “SEXY!”, not “HELP ME, I NEED TO BREATHE!”.

Do not fear, Coco Myles is here! Coco Myles offers not only offers an amazing collection of celebrity-inspired dresses you can choose from, but also a collection of different tops and bottoms, a maternity collection, and also the perfect dress for your junior maids!

Let your girls look like a million bucks, for only a few bucks. All of their dresses are really quite affordable compared to the majority of dresses out there in stores. But the best part? Your bridesmaids can have their dresses CUSTOM MADE to fit not only their taste, but their bodies too. Let them choose from different styles, colors and fabrics, with or without a sash. Get them glam!

I just recently received my dress from Coco Myles which I absolutely love…I tried it on, it fits perfectly, and it’s so very flattering! The quality and feel of the fabric is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

Normally that is not how I feel after picking up a dress. More than half the time, I end up having to get the dress altered. It’s not only frustrating, but can get expensive too! It gets stressful. I’m happy to say I don’t have to do that with my Coco Myles dress. It was a great deal when I got it, and an even better deal now that I don’t have to get it altered!

Guarantee your girls comfort, style and your photographer great looking pictures! And when your girls save tons of money by purchasing a Coco Myles dress, who knows – maybe they’ll splurge on you!


Wrap Yourself & Your Bridesmaids In Luxury!

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I recently ordered a cashmere & silk pashmina wrap from The Pashmina Store for my friend’s wedding coming up, and had to share with you how excited I was when I received it! I loved everything about it…the quality, the feel, the detailing and the comfort. It was so very soft and luxurious feeling!

I wear it all the time, and I get so many compliments on it! I can’t wait to wear it to my friend’s wedding. It’s great for covering up on a cool night wrapped around your arms, and works well wrapped around your neck as a scarf for casual wear. There are so many ways to wear a pashmina wrap! They can even be used as throws!


From shawls, wraps, scarves, blankets and more, you’ll surely find something you love at The Pashmina Store. They come in several different colors, using pashmina cashmere and silk. Perfect for weddings or other special occasions, and also great for comfy cozy casual wear too. They make wonderful gifts, especially for bridesmaids!


Featured in several magazines including Good Housekeeping, Southern Bride, InStyle and Marie Claire, you know they’re a trustworthy company. And I couldn’t agree more!



Check it out and get yours now at: www.thepashminastore.com.

*This is an advertisement.  This blog is not affiliated with The Pashmina Store.

Get stylish, get comfy cozy, and get compliments galore at The Pashmina Store!

No Yikes With These Stripes!

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Event picture, decor and product by Event Rents!

Inspiration Fascinations…

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One of my favorite blogs to look at for wedding inspiration is www.snippetandink.blogspot.com.  If you haven’t gotten the chance to visit this fabulous blog, do so now!  Here are a few of my favorites from Snippet & Ink…enjoy, and happy planning!

A Little Bit Of This…A Little Bit Of That!

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Found at: Bella Blog!

Berry Sweet.

Posted in Flowers by Jaime on February 25, 2008

“Retro Glam!”

Posted in Inspiration Boards by Jaime on February 19, 2008

Yet another stunning board by www.stylemepretty.com!

I love the slight touches of red under all the ivory…

Ruby Reds…Ooh La La!

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Check it out!

Many brides are choosing to get shoes that match their wedding colors…and in your case, Ruby Reds would definitely rock.  Bridal shoes with color are the new hot trend!  It makes sense, what bride wouldn’t love a pair she can actually wear after the wedding too?  Perfect reason to get them!  Or, wear a pair of blue shoes, for your “something blue”!

Photo from: Something In Blue Photography

What Vine Colors You’ve Chosen!

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Red Or White, Darling?

So you’re planning a burgundy and ivory wedding?  Why not serve red and white wine at your tables, and maybe even incorporate the wine theme into your wedding if you like it? 

You could fill vases or containers with wine corks, or use wine corks as your placecard holders (if you like that idea, I’ve saved up quite the collection of wine corks over the past few years!!!)

This wine theme could come in handy for saving you money on liquor costs too…many people choose to cut down on costs by only serving wine and beer instead of a full bar!  You could also serve sparkling grape juice for guests who do not drink. 

Wine cork place card holder pictures found at: Simply Sparkling Events.


Front And Center!

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Ok, so maybe this is a little elaborate if you’re on a tight budget, but you could probably work this into a smaller version, or maybe get inspired by the look! 

I love how they used the wrought iron…

Then picture the tablecloth either in ivory/white or black…with burgundy napkins if your hall offers them.  Aaahh.  And of course, a little bit of candlelight!

Not into spending thousands on flowers?  Why not try:

Beads, feathers, colored glass balls, filler, wine corks, candles, candles and more candles, greenery, tree branches, or ribbons…

The list goes on and on…check out your local craft store, take your color scheme, and get inspiration from different products. 

Keep an open mind…not everything has to be done with flowers!

Picture found at: www.sensationalbrides.com!



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I love this bouquet, not only because it’s unique, but because it’s so vintage yet so cool. 

They’re calling it an “heirloom bouquet”…call it what you will, this bouquet ROCKS!

“The muted burgundy tones of the cymbidium orchids integrated with deep brown chocolate cosmos are a throwback to Grandma’s silk flowers and broaches.

The fern curls add to the highly-stylized motives of the era, conjuring up the ever-popular music of swing bands while the silver-gilded leaves nod to the popularity of chrome in the mid-40s.

A finishing detail of soft feathers around the face of the bouquet calls to mind the flapper girls’ dresses but is made contemporary by the brightness of the magenta pink Kiko roses.” – www.yourweddingday.com

To see other fabulous “heirloom bouquets”, go to: Your Wedding Day.

Win Your Wedding Cake!

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 Funky, yet oh so fun!  Check out some of these creative wedding cakes and more, choose your favorite, and win!

Details at www.brides.com!

Black & Ivory Bliss!

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Oh so so so pretty!

Color palette/inspiration board created by: Zenadia Design.

Damask Your Day!

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I truly love the look of the damask pattern used at weddings!  Now picture this with burgundy and ivory colors against the black…make it your own – nobody said it has to be the same, with damask you can get very creative! 

And another fabulous black & white event…

Photography by: www.jessicaclaire.net!


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Janie over at The Bride’s Cafe just posted a lovely wedding featuring this bouquet.  Ooooh the beauty!!!!!

How do you spell Calla Lilies?  It’s easy!  “L-O-V-E-L-Y”!

Modern Black & Ivory…

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These pictures were found out of modern black & white inspiration from the blog Element Style.   What do you think?  Different, but beautiful.

Some Style…

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If your bride is choosing bridesmaids, then she gets to enjoy choosing bridesmaid dresses as well!  The selection out there is huge.  So it can be overwhelming, but her best bet is to pick something that will look great on all her girls.  Many brides today are even letting them pick their own!  At David’s Bridal, for example, you can pick the color and fabric, and let your girls pick the style.  In the end though, it’s the bride’s pick…afterall, she is the bride! 

Here are a few fun styles to simply get inspired by…sexy sexy!

1. I love how this bride had her bridesmaids wear red, and her maids of honor wear black.  Switches it up a little! 

Picture from The Knot.

#2.  This bridesmaid dress is perfect for the black, ivory & burgundy wedding!  Even her bouquet is stunning.

Picture from: Simply Sparkling Events.

#3. This bride had her girls wear black strapless dresses, and had a seamstress make wraps for the dresses, which they then finished off with different broaches found from antique stores!

Picture from The Knot.

Not sure which shoes to have them wear?  Since many of us girls have different feet, the same shoe that fits one girl may not fit the other (some have wide feet, some have narrow…some have a high arch, some have a flat arch, etc.) the same way.  Why not have them pick their own shoes, as long as it’s all the same color?  Otherwise, you can have them dyed – many stores offer that option.

Bouquets of Burgandy!

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Whether you’re going with silk or fresh flowers for your bouquets, it will be beautiful! Here are some bouquets to get you inspired. Remember that the bride’s bouquet is usually the most lavish and intricate, whereas bridesmaids bouquets are usually either smaller but compliment the bride’s. Trying to save money? Why not have your girls make a statement by carrying one long stem, or bunches of 3? Just ideas…hope you enjoy!

#1. Fresh bouquet with black magic roses and dark burgandy calla lilies!

#2. Silk bouquet with deep red velvet roses accented with red feathers!


#3. Deep burgandy dahlilas with long stems.

#4. Bouquet with dark red gerbera daisies.


#5. Black magic roses, cream mini calla lilies, and antique hydrangea.

#6. A bouquet with deep red peonies!


Images from: www.theknot.com!

More Inspiration…

Posted in Reception Decor by Jaime on February 7, 2008

 #1.  Tie black or red ribbon or tulle on chairs.  See if your reception venue has black or red cloth napkins or purchase paper cocktail napkins.  Set tables up with ivory votive candles or tealights.   Purchase red or black branches to display in vases on tables.  All very budget friendly options…surely less expensive than flowers!

#2.  Have 10 tables?  Purchase 10 low-priced red or black place mats to place in the center of each table.  Decorate with red or ivory votive candles.  Place favors in the middle of each table, perhaps in boxes wrapped with ribbon in your wedding colors!

#3. Two things.  Rose petals and candlelight.  Soooo romantic!

#4.  Think outside the box. 

#5.  Get the look for less!  Since it’s a fall wedding, why not spray paint pine cones in either black or red?  Either go pine cone picking yourselves, or pickup a bundle at your local craft store! 

#6. Keep it simple.  Put a few red flowers in the middle, and wrap favors in black tulle bags, which you can find at any craft store!

Images from www.theknot.com – keep checking back, more ideas to come!